Bagar Town

Bagar Town
Bagar (Jhunjhunu) an educational hub in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, is well connected by road & railways to Delhi & Jaipur.
Bagar is one of the oldest and prominent town of Shekhawati region in North - East of Rajasthan.
Shekhawati region has been the birth place of prominent businessmen & industrialists of the country, Bagar is no exception.
Reputed Industrial houses of Bagar origin in Mumbai & Kolkata have established various educational Institutes at Bagar with peerless charitable objective. Thus making it an important educational center in Shekhawati. No wonder a modest population of 15000 habitants boasts of 8000 students studying in these Institutes. Bagar is a preferred school education destination in Rajasthan, Haryana & Punjab.
Bagar's central location, easy connectivity and fully developed infrastructure make it the ideal place for education. The local Municipal body is efficient and ensures that basic infrastructure for a good living are available and so Bagar is fully developed township with availability of all the modern day amenities & facilities.
Piramal Gate, Bagar Mia Saheb Ki Dargah, Bagar
B. L. Maheshwari School, Bagar (Since 1914) Sri Chavo Veero Mandir, Bagar