Krishnadevi Maheshwari Pharmacy College, BAGAR


  • Pharmacy is the field of health science that deals with the preparation and dispensing of drugs and medicines.
  • Pharmacy profession ensures the safe use of medicines and other services related to health care, clinical practice, medication review and drug information.
  • The Pharmacy field encompasses drug composition & properties, toxicology and medical applications.
  • Pharmaceutical qualification is mandatory by law.


  • Pharmacists are registered & licensed drug therapy experts and the primary health professionals who optimize medication management to produce positive health outcomes.
  • The progress of medicines and therefore the expansion of pharmacy, has necessitated more stringent requirements in the training of pharmacists.


  • Registered Pharmacist for Medical & Drug Store.
  • Govt. Organizations, Hospitals, Dispensaries etc.
  • Medical Representatives.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Repackaging Pharma units.